Reunion Arena Seats Not Yet Available. But About Those Texas Stadium Ones ...

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Several Friends of Unfair Park have asked in recent days when and how the city will part with Reunion Arena's seats -- guess a few folks have media rooms and man caves to fill? Anyway, no word yet; an assistant in the office of Frank Poe, Convention & Event Services director, tells Unfair Park details are still being worked out, but an announcement should be made soon enough.

Till then, with a heads-up from the Startlegram, here's an option for those craving sports stadium memorabilia: Texas Stadium seats, which Jerry Jones is smartly selling a good eight home games (at least, right?) before they'll actually come available. They're right there on the Dallas Cowboys' Web site too, at $650 a pair -- and "shipped unrestored in 'as is' condition after the last game of the 2008 Cowboys Football Season," lucky you. No extra charge for the sticky. --Robert Wilonsky

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