Sean Avery, You Had Us At "Dunno"

No doubt you've heard that Sean Avery, the latest and greatest (?) Dallas Star, is about to have his tenure at Vogue, where he served as an "intern" this summer, turned into a romantic comedy by New Line and the guys responsible for Journey to the Center of the Earth, m'kay. So, right, last night Radar caught up with the Star at some shindig for Project Runway judge Nina Garcia. And they asked Avery who oughta play "Sean Avery" in the movie of his so-called life. To which he responded: "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, man. I dunno I dunno I dunno I dunno I dunno. Fuck. I dunno! I don't know anything. That's what casting guys are for! Shit. No questions!" Popcorn? Check. --Robert Wilonsky

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