Pyramid Scheme: Or, That King Tut's Gonna Make Us All Rich!

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Last night, during its picnic outing at the Arboretum, the city council was briefed on the Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibit, which opens October 3 at the Dallas Museum of Art and runs through May 15. Quite the glossy briefing too; first city council doc my kid's ever wanted printed out. But it's Page 8 of the doc with which the council most concerned itself, the one titled "Expected Economic Impact." Which will be ... what?

Far as the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau and Global Insight figure, it'll add up to "a total local economic impact of $60-$80 million," with "an additional 1,500 jobs during the 6-month period," though from where those jobs will come, the doc doesn't say. (The DMA's expected to add 125 to 150 extra workers during Tut's run.) Also:

• $5 million in local taxes, of which $900,000 will be hotel taxes
• 150,000-200,000 room nights (2.1 nights per visit)
• 50% from out-of-state visitors, 16% out-of-town visitors who stay in hotels
• 1 million people will attend the exhibition

After the jump, a sneak preview of the tour. Though I could be very wrong. --Robert Wilonsky

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