Josh Howard, Gallantly Steaming

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Even though this dates back to July, when the always high-larious Josh Howard suited up for Allen Iverson’s celebrity football game, only today has the video begun making the rounds -- first on You Been Blinded, then on Deadspin, where some of the comments are, as usual, genius. As in, "Josh Howard's Campaign for Change only involves the bong water." (I also see Richie weighted in on this about an hour ago.)

Which makes sense after you watch the video, in which Your Dallas Maverick reveals the reason why he doesn't "celebrate" -- whatever -- "The Star-Spangled Banner." Notes the Friend of Unfair Park who'd like us to share: "This isn't quite a 'that's crazy man' moment for Josh ... but it's pretty close." Now, please rise, jump and skip to the 1:41 mark. --Robert Wilonsky

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