Still, Glenn Ford's Hideous Couch Will Really Tie the Room Together

This eight-foot-long tartan couch's for sale -- not at a garage sale, surprisingly, but during an auction to be held October 4-6 at Heritage Auction Galleries right across Oak Lawn Ave. from Unfair Park HQ. Opening bid's $1,700, though it does come with those paintings thrown in. Why so pricey? Says Heritage, the couch belonged to Glenn Ford -- who, says Ford's son Peter, once went pushin' in those very cushions with Marilyn Monroe.

The couch's sale is making national news, as in: "Marilyn Monroe tryst sofa up for auction," notes Reuters. But some Marilyn Monroe fans ain't having it, calling Peter Ford's story "baloney." Which, I believe, is also what Marilyn Monroe called Glenn Ford's peter. Wait, what? --Robert Wilonsky

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