Barefootin': Tributes and Trivia

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Judge Harold Barefoot Sanders, being interviewed a few years ago by KERA's Sam Baker

The Big Boss is on his way to Northaven United Methodist Church for the 4 p.m. funeral of Judge Harold Barefoot Sanders, who died Sunday at 83 and whose obituary makes The New York Times today. Mark profiled the legendary jurist two years ago for Texas Lawyer, as Sanders was preparing for his last day on the bench, and our fearless leader will offer a few final words tomorrow morning on Unfair Park.

KERA's Web site also features several clips from Sanders' interviews with Sam Baker, conducted around the same time. And, yes, to those four Friends of Unfair Park who've asked: Sanders' son, Harold Barefoot Sanders III, is indeed the composer of the music for Project Runway. --Robert Wilonsky

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