Who Dipped Their Jamaican Beef Patty In My 7-Eleven?

Categories: Biz, Dish

Exactly one month ago, Dallas-based 7-Eleven announced its plans to drop a shop on every corner in North Texas -- except the ones it's abandoned, eh, Knox and Travis? Well, today comes news of further expansion: The former Southland Ice Company plans on broadening its menu by serving up chicken wings, cinnamon churros and Jamaican beef patties, which sounds ... delicious, right. Turns out 7-Eleven's now using stores around Virginia and North Carolina to try out some new foodstuffs, including whole pepperoni pizzas, which you can cash and carry for $9.99 -- and, dang, I haven't even tried the Turkey and Zesty Havarti on Wheat Nut Bread yet. --Robert Wilonsky

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