We Can't Stop Looking at This 1929 Forest Avenue High School Yearbook

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Just a note here on the community bulletin board, but if anyone needs a copy of the 1929 Forester for any reason, I picked one up at Half-Price Books over the weekend -- set me back a whole 15 bucks. Not gonna part with it -- found a relative, Lillie Wilonsky, among the sophomores -- but, sure, I'll let you take a peek at it. The Dallas natives in the office (all two of us) have rather enjoyed flipping through its pages; we're pretty sure half the last names in the annual for old Forest Avenue High School (now James Madison High School, of course) are on street signs all over town. Or on the sides of schools. Or field houses. Or construction trucks. Or synagogue sanctuaries. Or dairies. But the best name I could find: freshman Halloween Hensley. --Robert Wilonsky

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