They Cut Heads, Mayor Tom's Included

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Daniel Rodrigue
We're pretty sure Cedric Bolden pretended to cut Mayor Tom's hair. Because it always looks the same. Always. Still, Leppert did get a lollipop afterwards. So cute.

Unfair Park dropped by Cedric B’s on 321 S. Corinth at 3 today to watch Mayor Tom get his head cut. We weren't alone, either: Big Al from Kidd Kraddick's morning show stopped in because "I was drivin' to my mama's and saw all those cameras and thought, 'Man, the Pope or Obama must be in town.'" We counted five network affiliates on hand for the momentous occasion. Us, we went to further expand our collection of Awkward Tom Leppert Moments.

Turns out, Cedric Bolden's run the shop for 16 years and has always offered free haircuts to back-to-schoolers whose folks can't afford them; Bolden tells Unfair Park this is the first time a mayor's been in his shop. Anthony Bush, who has worked for Bolden for a decade, was nonplussed by the media turnout: "I don't know what to think about all this," he said, smiling through gold teeth. "I'm kinda trippin'." --Daniel Rodrigue

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