Sean Avery Just Got The Gap a Free Ad on Unfair Park, Genius

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This full-page ad, featuring Star Sean Avery, will appear in the September Details

Alas, let us now consider our latest and greatest Dallas Star, Sean Avery, who this morning was branded "considerably less recognizable" than John Mayer and Sarah Silverman, poor baby. True enough, but the unidentifiable one is in fine, famous company nonethtless: Big Love-r Ginnifer Goodwin, Oscar-nominated delight Catalina Sandino Moreno, writer David Benioff and Liv Tyler, who I'll assume you know.

They're all among those tapped for the latest Gap advertising campaign: "Create Your Own Gap," whatever that means. Regardless, Avery's pictured above wearing "The Classic V-Neck," which sells for $49.50 and looks much better on him than me. But, like, would Miranda Priestly approve? --Robert Wilonsky

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