Oh, We Thought Operation Oasis Involved Some Kind of Wonderwall

Categories: Crime

From the sheriff to the police commissioner, who really, really likes his gig. But that's not the question. This is quite the star-studded infomercial and fund-raiser for Operation Oasis, the local nonprofit that, among other things, works to integrate ex-offenders back into society. There's Dallas police chief David Kunkle, Safer Dallas Better Dallas's chair and co-founder Charles Terrell and celeb "spiritual coach" John Tolson. Dunno for whom the video was made; you, I guess, as Kunkle warns, "We cannot arrest our way out of the crime problem." Still, if I were Kunkle or his media-savvy missus, I'd charge the director with the crime of putting the TelePrompTer™ a touch too high. --Robert Wilonsky

Message From Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle and Friends from Operation Oasis on Vimeo.

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