The Pony Express Rides Again. At Least, When It Comes to Unis.

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Just got this from a Peruna-proud Friend of Unfair Park, concerning the football team's uniforms for the upcoming season:

The SMU football team will don new uniforms in 2008, it was announced today. SMU will return to white helmets and white pants and will have three jerseys to choose from: red, white and SMU blue. The helmet will feature a red Mustang logo, trimmed in blue, blue and red stripes and a red facemask. SMU wore white helmets during the famed "Pony Express" era and continued using the helmets until the 2003 season when the Mustangs switched to a navy helmet.

Starting to get a little interested, only because I always was a sucker for those damned helmets. --Robert Wilonsky

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