Sean Avery Likes to Be Both "Manly As Possible" and "A Little Bit Feminine"

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Sean Avery and his ex, Elisha Cuthbert

Really, the Dallas Stars' acquisition of Sean Avery last week will go down as the Best Thing to Happen to Local Sports since, oh, Alex Rodriguez got married here in 2002, aw. Today, the Canadian National Post ran a Q&A with the Stars' brand-new agitator, in which he discusses, among many other things that will prove him the bestest Dallas sports interview in the history of ever, his moving to Dallas.

NP This is a serious question: Dallas, Texas, the land of mega-churches, debutante balls, women with big hair and cowboy boots. How is Sean Avery supposed to fit in?

SA I’ve spent some time there, and I’d have to disagree with you. Dallas, and not just Dallas but Texas, has a very interesting arts scene, with towns like Austin. And Dallas is quite a wealthy area -- and everybody’s into clothes. It is not New York, but it’s not me going somewhere I’ll wake up feeling sorry to be in. It’s Texas. There’s got to be some cool people in Texas. And the team’s great.
But, really, gold dress shoes? --Robert Wilonsky

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