Proud of My Fellow T.J. Patriots

Thomas Urquidez and his wife, with some of the T.J. Patriots who've achieved Academic Success

Sure, fine -- you can "T.J. Who?" me all you want. Won't make a difference. Not today, as Friend of Unfair Park and Dallas Independent School District yeasayer Louisa Meyer sends word that 21 kids from good ol' Thomas Jefferson High School, all Class of '08, raked up more than $8 million in scholarships through the Wichita Falls-born Academic Success Program, founded by Thomas Urquidez, and are headed off to such institutes of higher education as Dartmouth, the University of Pennsylvania, Boston College, William & Mary, TCU and SMU. Notes Meyer, who also sends along ASP's Community Report for Thomas Jefferson: "ASP’s primary focus is on students who are the first in their families to attend college." Patriots, represent. --Robert Wilonsky

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