Just Say "N9NE": Victory Park's About to Get More Affordable, Diners.

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Jeffrey Yarbrough, the man who shot Liberty Noodles

Our old pal Jeffrey Yarbrough surfaces this morning in the Dallas Business Journal, which notes that Hillwood has hired the former co-owner of Club Clearview and Liberty Noodles to revamp the menu in Victory Park, where it costs a fortune just to think about ordering. Though Hillwood's being coy about the new tenants of its expanded food court, the DBJ provides a tasting menu nonetheless: Tim Love's Love Shack, an Olivella’s outpost (it'll be larger, but only because it couldn't get much smaller) and a Thai eatery. Jeffrey's takeaway: "I don’t think Dallas [residents] can really afford to have a $150 meal every night." That's just psychological. --Robert Wilonsky

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