He So Married: Notes from Luther Campbell's Dallas Nuptials

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Now, he's as nasty as his wife'll let him be.

Sounds like Luther Campbell's wedding over the weekend was a most eclectic wingding. The 2 Live Crew frontman married his attorney Saturday at the Saint Luke "Community" United Methodist Church on R.L. Thornton Freeway, before heading over the Hotel Palomar for the reception. Which is when it got awesome.

Notes People.com in its la di da di 'bout the reception, Doug E. Fresh deejayed (you think this was on the playlist?), while the great Betty Wright performed. The whole shebang, incidentally, will be televised -- as the season finale of VH1's reality show Luke's Parental Advisory, which debuts August 4. But, before day's end, a Q&A with Luke on DC9 at Night. --Robert Wilonsky

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