From Such Great Heights to New Lows, the Dismantling of Richardson's Historic "Rocket Ship" Park

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Richardson Echo
Crews have spent the morning dismantling Heights Park, where the old radar dish awaits its trip to storage.

Andrew Laska, who tried valiantly to get the city of Richardson to preserve at least a piece of historic Heights Park, sends word that the city's wasting no time this morning in dismantling the historic playground. As you can see by these photos from the Richardson Echo, it's already a shadow of its former self -- and getting more and more gone by the second. "Deconstruction," is how Laska puts it in his missive to Unfair Park this a.m.; others might call it "destruction." But no matter the name, Heights Park will, by day's end, be only a memory -- save for the "submarine and planet," says Laska, who notes that the city doesn't consider them "as unsafe as other" pieces in the playground. Damn it, I knew I was supposed to take the kid somewhere this weekend. Damn it. --Robert Wilonsky

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