When You See Ian Beach, Please Tell the Chef He Rocks

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Greg Allen
The Buck Pets were, from left: Ian Beach, Andy Thompson, Tony Alba and Chris Savage.

So, a few hours after I posted that item yesterday about the Grand Hyatt DFW being all that and then some, one "Danny Explosion" dropped this comment concerning the highly rated hotel and its eatery: "I think the chef there is Ian Beach bassist for the Buckpets." And, hot damn, sure 'nuff: Only last week, Beach, who's been the chef de cuisine at the hotel's Grand Met since November, was profiled in the Fort Worth Business Press, and his former band got a quick mention. Turns out, says Beach, "Cooking’s always been my first love, even more than music."

Still, though, about that music: There's plenty of it to be had on the Buck Pets' surprisingly up-to-date MySpace page, complete with 18 demos. There's also a recently posted note from Veruca Salt's Louise Post about this Buck Pets classic. After the jump, "Sick + Stoned" in 1989. Who wasn't? And there's plenty more where that came from. --Robert Wilonsky

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