Steroids Dealer David Jacobs Found Dead in His Plano Home, Giving Birth to Conspiracy Theories

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For those thinking there's something mighty, mighty suspicious about convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs being found dead in his Plano home today of apparent gunshot wounds, along with a 30-year-old bodybuilder named Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell, you are not alone. Over on Grits for Breakfast, Scott Henson points out a very similar incident involving a steroids dealer who, like Jacobs, was in the process of naming names -- in this case, New York police officers to whom this dealer dealt -- when he too was found shot to death in a case curiously ruled a suicide.

Jacobs, of course, said he was selling to NFL players -- among them, he repeatedly claimed, former Dallas Cowboy Matt Lehr, whose attorney, former U.S. Attorney Paul Coggins, has vehemently denied the allegations of steroids use by his client. --Robert Wilonsky

Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell

Update: A simple Google search brought up Earheart-Savell's MySpace page, along with an obituary: "Our Angel Amanda is with her Father in Heaven." A larger photo of Earheart-Savell can be found here, snapped during a bodybuilding competition. And there are many videos of Earheart-Savell available on YouTube, including this one of her working out.

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