Soulja Boy Teams Up With Arlington's Yums For His Own Flavor of Shoe

Categories: Fashion, Music

Anyone who knows me knows how much I covet my Yums. I possess all the freshest graffiti-streaked flavors, from Lemonade to S'mores, with my Tum Tums kept in the closet vault till only those most special of occasions. (Because, frankly, they aren't cheap -- $125 a pair, goddamn.) So good news today out of Arlington, courtesy Soulja Boy, whose 15 minutes I coulda sworn ran out some time last September, has signed a "a multi-year sneaker and apparel contract" with the local shoe manufacturer, which will get an assist from Interscope, Soulja's label. Expect them to debut toward year's end -- just in time for Hanukkah, hint hint. --Robert Wilonsky

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