Ride 'Em, Jewboy, Part Two: Kinky Friedman Mulls Yet Another Run at Guv

Categories: Politics

This morning, the missus called from the road: "Kinky's on KRLD, talking about how he's going to run for governor again in 2010 -- as a Democrat." And, sure enough, that's just what he said -- needs, oh, $3 to $5 million, far as he figures. And over on KRLD-AM's Web site, they're running a poll to see if folks are interested in seeing the Texas Jewboy take on Governor Hairspray -- and, thus far, it's 59 percent fer, though the poll doesn't say how many folks have cast their votes. (Could just be Kinky and Little Jewford, far as you know.)

Me, I'm just using this as an excuse to run this photo again, which Kinky posed for back when we ran the Full Frontal section in the paper version of Unfair Park. Far as I recall, it was far more traumatizing for photographer Mark Graham than it was for Kinky. --Robert Wilonsky

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