Reunion Arena: C'mon, It's Already a Megachurch, More or Less

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Maybe the most interesting parts of the docs prepared for tomorrow's Reunion Arena throwdown at City Hall are the first two attachments, which detail the events held in the old joint from 2006 through '08. There are a few curious line items, among them: On February 17, 2007, the Dallas Desperados played an exhibition game in front of an estimated crowd of 5,500 folks -- yet the event only made the city some $3,500. Is Jerry Jones using the Tom Hicks business plan?

Also: Precisely how many "inspirational" events does Reunion host each annum? Because, by my count, there were eight in '06-'07 alone, among them something called "1,000 Guitars of Praise," which sounds ... um .. awesome, let's go with awesome. Still, even a cursory glance at the schedule reveals a highly underutilized venue -- though, really, seems to me you if you can find a way to combine circuses, Disney on Ice and high-school graduations, and you've got a guaranteed cash machine sitting there. Or, ya know, a big ol' monster-truck house o' worship. --Robert Wilonsky

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