Living Up to Great Expectations

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Brian Harkin
Matt Kadane, left, and brother Bubba Saturday night at the Granada

I see over on DC9 that Pete's posted quite the rave for Saturday night's triple-header at the Granada: The Theater Fire, Matt and Bubba Kadane and Centro-matic. To which I'd only add that it was a bit of a sentimental kick to hear Matt introduce set-closer "Living Well" with a shout-out to former Bedhead bunkmates Kris Wheat and Trini Martinez, among the countless familiar faces on hand for a show that exceeded my own admittedly out-of-whack expectations.

Los Bros Kadane, who also dipped into the WhatFunLifeWas fun pack for some bruising "Crushing," performed several tracks from The New Year's eponymous album, due September 9 -- all killer, no filler. (Though, noted Matt after show, "Wait till you hear 'em with piano." So noted.) Till then, a rarity: Bedhead's shockingly faithful cover of the Stranglers' "Golden Brown," hunh? --Robert Wilonsky

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