Kidd and Nash, Like Caine and Stallone

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Flickr photo: themikelee
The Intern notes of this photo: "He's gorgeous! Think he's seeing anybody?" Yes, Spencer, I do.

The Steve Nash Foundation, always raising dough to keep the kids healthy, played a little footsie yesterday on the Nike Field at Sarah D. Roosevelt Park in Chinatown NYC. Among those in attendance, as evidenced by the photo above: Dallas Maverick Jason Kidd, who, according to ESPN's Jen Chang, can actually ball.

The All-Star point guard showed that his vision and passing touch transfers nicely from the basketball court to the field. He had a sweet assist to Kalou for his team's opening goal. He also showed pretty good technique and had several other passes that created clear-cut openings only for his team to squander them. He's also no slouch offensively -- forcing a nice save with a good header and he opened the second half with a cracking one-timer that thundered off the post.
Notes the fanatical futbol Friend who pitched this our way: "Who knew J-Kidd was a multi-sporty?" Also, just got the urge to watch Victory, for no reason in particular. --Robert Wilonsky

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