Dallas, A "Vacuous Wasteland" Filled With Hot Chicks With Douchebags

No doubt, you've got the site Hot Chicks with Douchebags amongst your bookmarks. If not, well, come July you'll have an excellent chance to catch up with the douchebags' doings when Simon & Schuster publishes Jay Louis' book bearing the same name -- the essential adouchrement for Andrea Grimes' most-favorite folks. And while faces and places aren't named in the copious photos decorating the toadbagging tome, there is this heartwarming note of local interest contained within the intro:

These primal, grunting spawns of Satan prowl across our country like a marauding horde of Unholy Douche Crusaders, inhabiting our cities and flooding our suburbs like a rancid plague. They're everywhere: large metropolitan areas, suburban strip malls, even in empty, vacuous wastelands like the Everglades of Florida, or Dallas, Texas.
Can't type through these tears of pride. --Robert Wilonsky

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