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Hyatt Regency Dallas

Does this have anything to do with some city council members' reluctance to tear down Reunion Arena? We're clearing the schedule Thursday morning -- hard not to when you receive word that at 10:30 in the a.m., John Scovell (big bossman at Ray Hunt's Woodbine Development Corporation) Steve Vissotzky (the general manager of Hyatt Regency Dallas) and Jennifer Johanson (CEO and president of San Rafael, California-based Engstrom Design Group) are getting together "to unveil renovation plans for the historic Union Station and 50-story Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas."

Of course, Reunion Tower closed in November, as Woodbine's redoing both the tower and Union Station -- to the tune of $55 million, you may recall. Notes the invite, the trio will "provide a taste of what is to come for the historic Union Station and landmark Reunion Tower." Oh -- and there's gonna be a "very special guest too." Say, is this a restaurant announcement of some kind? Because EDG kinda specializes in, like, restaurants. --Robert Wilonsky

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