Leppert, Kunkle Heading to Deep Ellum Today. Hey, Man, They Got a Gig.

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As we noted a couple weeks back, with Cindy Chaffin's help we're going to try to stream this afternoon's Deep Ellum Town Hall Meeting at the Sons -- because, right, aren't some folks working at 2 p.m. on a Friday? Still, for those in attendance, should be quite the throwdown: opening band and everything, including not only Mayor Tom, but also Dallas Chief of Police David Kunkle; Preservation Dallas executive director Katherine Seale, whose organization once more declared the neighborhood "endangered"; maybe a council member or two; and other police and government reps and Deep Ellum advocates. Only, your questions for those in attendance today need to be submitted here by no later than 1:30. Till then, I'm gonna go dig a hole. --Robert Wilonsky

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