A New Unfair Park Feature: Name The Person or Place in That Old Photo!

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From the Collections of the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Whilst dealing with the very helpful Beth Andresen in the Dallas Public Library's photo division, for the artwork accompanying Schutze's item from yesterday about DART, I came across some unidentified photos on the Texas/Dallas History & Archives's home page. Turns out, the library has hundreds of donated pictures in need of IDs -- names, places, times, so forth. So, once a week or thereabouts, Unfair Park will feature an orphan from the stack to see if we can jar loose a longtime local's thoughtsicles.

Far as anyone at the library can figure, the debut entry is a "restaurant and sports bar in Dallas" that dates to around 1970; here's another photo from inside the same joint, for those getting warmer, warmer, warmer. If you can ID the pic, e-mail the library folks, who will be most obliged. --Robert Wilonsky

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