Tom Hicks Has $2 Million In Stars Tickets He'd Like to Give You

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This fascinating nugget's been unearthed in an internal National Hockey League report on ticket revenues: Your Dallas Stars lead the league in ticket giveaways. Surprising, because Tom Hicks is a notorious cheapskate. And ... not entirely surprising, because the owner likes to see a full house. Which is why his organization doled out the gratis ducats -- "an average of 2,500 a game to help keep its regular-season attendance above 18,000," which seems awful high for even Hicks, given that even at cheap-seat prices that works out to about $52,500 per game or $2,152,500 over the regular season. Then again, this now gives him yet another excuse to cry, "Broke!" And I'll bet a free ticket he takes it. --Robert Wilonsky

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