Seriously, Just How Long's the Commute from Grapevine to Prague?

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Dave Faries, best known 'round here as the man who used to answer the Burning Question, is now posted in Prague, where he's writing for The Prague Post. Among his duties: covering the Prague Panthers, currently in contention for the EFAF Cup -- top honors for European American Football clubs.

This a.m., Dave sends word that there's a local connection to the Panthers: "There’s a Dallas resident who is commuting to Prague to help the Prague Panthers win in European cup competition. Last game he gained over 200 yards and scored four or five touchdowns. He’s on his way here now to play in Saturday’s game in Berlin." Guy's name is Josh Shrum, who actually lives in Grapevine but works in Dallas. Oh, yeah -- and Prague. --Robert Wilonsky

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