Razzoo's Owes the Government a Million Dollars. That's a Lotta Tips.

Categories: Dish

Addison-based Razzoo's, which is kind of a Cajun-food theme park, is on the hook for $1 million to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission -- because the chain's got a thing against the mens. The EEOC filed a lawsuit against the eatery claiming it discriminated against male applicants and employees, because Razzoo's wouldn't hire or promote men to tend bar. The EEOC, which is splitting about $750,000 of the settlement with gents who cried foul, was not amused: "Some may think that sex sells drinks," says the lead EEOC attorney working the case, "but gender ratios are illegal." So too is Razzoo's Seafood Combo Platter, which is guilty of being too fried. --Robert Wilonsky

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