Mad for El Madmo: Or, The Best Norah Jones Album Ever?

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The blond superhero at right looks awful familiar.

How'd this slip past? Because damned near two years to the day since we first mentioned it, Norah Jones' smart-assed, foul-mouthed, guitar-based, piano-adiosed side project El Madmo's gone legit with a nifty full-lengther barely released earlier this week and available for sneaking here. A single's also yours for the downloading: "Fantasy Guy," a horny must-own for any three-day weekend. Though, truth be told, the entire record, which I purchased this morning from iTunes, transcends the novelty nod given "Carlo" and "Vampire Guy" in the spring of '06. Or its "bio": "Born of social ineptitude and an ageless belief in trick-or-treatery, EL MADMO offers escape, justice, karmic postulation, and that feeling you get when you know something that no one else does."

Best Norah Jones record yet? Probably; too early to tell. Best one you can't buy at a Starbucks, at least. --Robert Wilonsky

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