I Look at the New Inwood Theatre, and All I Can Think Is, "That'll Stain."

After I posted the note that the Inwood Theatre had completely revamped its downstairs theater, several Friends wondered what, precisely, does the new interior look like, anyway? Well, the Landmark-ers have kindly provided photos of the joint, three more of which are after the jump -- including a shot of the in-theater bar. A question, though, in the hours before the joint opens to the public just in time for the couch-worthy Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a minute after midnight: Just how much Scotchguard did they use on those sofas? Because nothing short of "infinity" is an acceptable answer. (Update: The lovely and talented Melissa Raddatz from Landmark sends word: "The covers are machine-washable and designed to be replaced regularly. And they have been Scotchguarded." Which is very good news.) --Robert Wilonsky

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