A Look at Harlan Crow's "Favorite Project" on the Old Parkland Site

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This is what the old Parkland and Woodlawn looks like from the Unfair Park HQ windows ...

Couple months back, Merten got a sneak peek at Crow Holdings' new nest at the intersection of Maple and Oak Lawn avenues. Said CEO Harlan Crow, Mayor Tom's nemesis when it comes to the proposed convention center hotel for which we'll be footing the bill, of the college campus-like property: "This could be my favorite project." Ours too, assuming we'll get a coffee shop and an "old, greasy spoon" across the street from Unfair Park HQ. Only thing we didn't include in March was a photo of the sprawling development as Crow envisions it upon completion, some time in the coming year. Well, we have it now -- and it's after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

... and this is what Harlan Crow says it'll look like upon completion.

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