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Hal Samples is on the list of people to whom TVT Records owes quite a bit of money.

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Over on The Sportatorium, Richie brings news that Your Texas Rangers have indeed begun talking to other folks who might be interested in managing the team if and when Ron Washington's given his adios papers. Sure, the team's winning a few -- against the Mariners, at the moment, the only team worse than Hicks' sticks -- which may be the only reason you haven't seen, oh, Don Baylor, Mike Hargrove, Jim Tracy or Jackie Moore warming Wash's spot on the dugout bench. (Also, on a sportsy note: Eric Green, bravo.)

And over on DC9, Pete has combed through the list of folks to whom the bankrupt TVT Records owes major dough and discovered several locals among them, including the Polyphonic Spree and our good Friend, photographer Hal Samples. Hal's owed his scratch for the Spree video "Running Away," which, as we noted a year ago, was assembled from more than 70,000 photos Hal took of the band. He's owed a few thou, which he could surely use as he gets his new gallery off the ground. As he tells Pete, "I'm still recovering from not having been compensated." Also, notes Pete, the Toadies got a new gig: playing intermissions at Dallas Stars playoff games. --Robert Wilonsky

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