The Times Wonders, Wither the Mavs? And: T.O. Sued By the Eagles.

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Really, the title of Avery Johnson's new book gets a little funnier every day.

Two sports shorts with which to commence the day, before the Dallas Mavericks end it 'round 8:30ish with yet another first-round shalom, y'all. Howard Beck in The New York Times documents yesterday's Mavs practice that wasn't supposed to be: Coach Avery Johnson axed the team workout, but the players went ahead and worked out anyway -- without their coach, who, either bravely or insanely, refuses to acknowledge the severity of the situation in which he finds himself today. Says Johnson, repeatedly, “We’re still alive.” Since when?

Also, the Philadelphia Eagles refuses to give up their feudin' and fightin' with wide receiver Terrell Owens: The Cowboy's former team sued Owens in federal court yesterday, contending that he owes the Eagles about $800,000 in bonus money. He has suggested he will pay back the bonus in popcorn. --Robert Wilonsky

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