The Texas Rangers Are Pleased to Meat You, Nolan Ryan

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Now we know why Nolan Ryan's the president of Your Texas Rangers: to move his meat. The headline of the release says it all, in capital letters: "TEXAS RANGERS ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP WITH NOLAN RYAN BEEF." As in, "The Texas Rangers announced today that all concession stands, suites and fine dining areas, including the Diamond Club, Cuervo Club and Rawlings All American Grill, inside Rangers Ballpark in Arlington will serve Nolan Ryan Guaranteed Tender Beef Products during the 2008 season." And, "Beginning with the Rangers 2008 home opener on Tuesday, April 8, all grilled concession stands will serve Nolan Ryan's hamburger patties as well as sausage on a stick. Nolan Ryan's signature beef tenderloin and prime rib will be featured inside the Diamond Club." Stay classy, Texas Rangers. --Robert Wilonsky

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