Under a Paper Moon

The mailman delivered a most unexpected and unusual parcel today: a package from Pennsylvania-based Schiffer Books containing two of its latest releases, Famous Texas Men Paper Dolls and Famous Texas Women Paper Dolls. Both were authored and illustrated by Beaumont's Tom Tierney -- who, says the Famous Texas Men's back cover, "takes pride in the meticulous research of the costumes" drawn for the celebs inside, including Governor Ann Richards, Willie Nelson, Stephen F. Austin, Selena, Mary Martin and Larry Hagman. Also noted: Tierney is "opening a Paper Doll store and museum," with, one presumes, the books as his first salvo into the marketplace. Only, well, we're not terribly sure what to make of the paper dolls -- which seem kinda, um, inappropriate, maybe? By which, of course, I mean "awesome." Jump to see what I'm talking about. --Robert Wilonsky

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