Laura Miller Ain't No One's Publicist

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For someone not doing PR, as she claims in a missive Unfair Park and FrontBurner received this a.m., former Dallas mayor Laura Miller is doing a pretty good job of, ya know, PR. But, no, insists the anti-coal Miller -- she ain't handling public relations for Washington State-based Summit Energy, as The Dallas Morning News says this morning. Rather:

I'm working with a Seattle-based company to build the first IGCC plant with carbon capture anywhere in the world -- result will be a coal plant that is as clean as any natural gas plant being built and will be in accordance with the strict CA and WA CO2 emissions standards. Sea change for coal. I'm negotiating here in Texas to get the plant built, not doing PR for it.
Sea Change for Coal -- sounds like a Brit-rock opera, for some reason. We do have a query to Miller in which we ask what, zackly, do "negotiating" mean. --Robert Wilonsky

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