In Plano Tomorrow: A Beauty Pageant, a Brit and the BBC

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I know you already knew this, but a reminder: The Flower Power Beauty Pageant's taking place tomorrow in Plano, and it promises to be a glorious occasion filled with little miss sunshines from all over. There's even a contestant coming all the way from England -- and she's bringing with her a BBC camera crew, which is shooting a second documentary about 11-year-old Sasha Bennington, the first Brit to take part in the event.

Says the girl's mum: "In America, beauty pageants aren't as negatively viewed as they are over here." Um ... OK? Odder still: Sasha's already been in one doc, titled Too Much Too Young: Teen Body Obsession, in which she was shown "getting her nails done and having spray tans and hair extensions," much to the chagrin of the British TV-viewing populace. --Robert Wilonsky

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