I Keep Saying We Need to Eat at Suze More Often ...

Food Network
We just got very interested in who's gonna become The Next Food Network Star. Local connections and all.

A Friend of Unfair Park wonders: Is the Lisa Garza mentioned below, as the Dallas contestant on the forthcoming season of The Next Food Network Star, the same Lisa Garza who cooks at (and, ya know, co-owns with husband Gilbert Garza) the beloved Suze on Northwest Highway and Midway Road. And, yes, it is: "You're correct," Lisa Krueger, the network's manager of public relations, told Unfair Park after the official announcement today. "We never really limited the show to just professional chefs or just home chefs. The only caveat was they couldn't have had previous national shows." The fourth season debuts June 1. --Robert Wilonsky

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