Herb Kelleher Had Himself a Good Ol' Time In Front of Congress

Over at the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure's Web site, you'll find the best nine-hour film this side of, um, Shoah? (Sorry, first one that came to mind.) It's the entirety of yesterday's hearing -- Critical Lapses in FAA Safety Oversight of Airlines: Abuses of Regulatory "Partnership Programs" -- during which it was revealed that the FAA allowed Southwest Airlines to fly planes the FAA and Southwest knew were unsafe.

But if I may: Skip ahead to 6:56:00 in the video, when The Face of Southwest, executive chairman Herb Kelleher, begins to talk, and his microphone's off. Apparently, he thought the whole thing was just another Southwest Airlines commercial. Have another smoke, Herb. 'Cause this shit's hi-larious. --Robert Wilonsky

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