Andy Roddick's Sweet on T.O.

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Andy Roddick, T.O.'s lil' buddy

New York Times sports columnist Bill Rhoden this morning details a most "unlikely friendship": Austin's tennis hotshot Andy Roddick and Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens. This week the two are hanging out at the Sony Ericsson Open in Florida, where Roddick's playing and Owens is watching -- though how he sees anything through those dark Kool Moe Dee sunglasses remains a mystery. Nonetheless, it was long-distance love at first sight, as Roddick says of T.O., “I wish a lot of the public saw what I saw. He’s a pretty friendly guy, he’ll meet people -- friends of mine -- who he doesn’t really even know, and he’s nothing but nice and sweet to them. I wish the public saw a little bit more of that side of him.” --Robert Wilonsky

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