Save Some Space This Weekend for Hal Samples' New Space

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Hal Samples will see you this weekend. Well, actually, he kinda sees you now.

So, we'll see you Friday night at the opening of our dear Friend Hal Samples' new gallery, right? You know -- at 2814 Main Street in Deep Ellum? From 6 to 10 p.m.? Right. Awesome. 'Cause truth is, it's actually kind of a weekend-long shebang down at Samples' Space: Friday opening, Saturday drop-bys culminating in a rock show, then a Sunday-night potluck -- with all manner of musical accompaniment all weekend long. For those who can't make it, will stream the weekend's events, which is also doubling as a fundraiser for Dallas' homeless, to which Hal's devoted much of his time and talent in recent years. Here's Hal's video for the Sunday-night git-together. Happy eating. --Robert Wilonsky

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