Why SXSW When You Can NPR?

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See, you coulda stood in this line to see Vampire Weekend at SXSW. Or you could just click your mouse right now. Good call.

Gettin' old. See, I wish I'd stayed an extra night in Austin -- woulda been nice to hear R.E.M. at Stubb's, where they played the opening night of South by Southwest's music fest on Wednesday. But, ya know, I didn't really miss it -- or the crowds, and what crowds. For those who couldn't make the short drive down to Austin, NPR has kindly archived the whole concert -- along with those from My Morning Jacket, Yo La Tengo, the great Bon Iver and the better-believe-it Vampire Weekend, which generated the massive crush of humanity above. Saved about a million dollars in gas, to boot -- and bootleg, come to think of it. --Robert Wilonsky

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