Waytago, Lew Calver! Yours is the Best Fake Bush Library in the World!

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Lewis E. Calver's "Hole in the Ground," his winning entry in The Chronicle of Higher Education's Bush Library design contest

With a good ol' "what the hell," UT-Southwestern''s Biomedical Communications Graduate Program chair Lewis Calver entered The Chronicle of Higher Education's contest in which folks submitted their designs for the George W. Bush Presidential Library. And with 354 votes, Calver beat out 120 other contestants and won himself an iPod touch -- truly, the American dream. Says Calver this morning on The Chronicle's Web site, “I liked the idea of a false façade showing the White House so people who still believe in his presidency can at least have some kind of inspiration, even if it’s false inspiration.”

The Chronicle is now looking for a home for all the submitted entries, sketched on the backs of envelopes. Sounds like they want a museum, but we'd be happy to take them off their hands -- we've loads of empty wall space. --Robert Wilonsky

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