Playing Good "D" in Dallas County

Categories: Politics
Once more, I'd like to comment the fine folks of the Fightin' 1117 for running such an orderly precinct convention. One of the few, turns out.

Our Boy Merten spoke with Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins for a piece running in next week's paper version of Unfair Park -- big doings, don't miss. But among their topics of conversation was Tuesday's election-night results. Some 300,000 Democrats voted in the presidential primaries -- almost two thirds for Barack Obama -- whilst only 91,964 cast their lot on the Republican side. Which prompts Watkins to insist, "Having that 'D' behind your name probably is gonna mean something for the next 20 years." Yes, but what?

Oh, and speaking of Tuesday night, we're still a ways off from getting the results from those messy precinct conventions: As of moments ago, only 339 out of 647 of Dallas' precincts had tallied and turned in their results -- which comes out to, like, 52 percent maybe? I blame Sandra Crenshaw for the delay. --Robert Wilonsky

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