"Caucus Rustling." Or, How to Do the "Texas Two-Step." Or, Not.

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Why didn't these folks make one of these shirts for Texas? Because we'd buy one, no doubt.

Over at The Huffington Post, Mayhill Fowler has just posted a piece headlined "Confusion Rampant Over Texas 'Primacaucus' Rules" -- which, if my mother's phone call of minutes ago is any indication, sounds about right. Also, sounds like at least one local network affiliate has the same questions concerning tomorrow's primary vote and the precinct convention that follows at 7 p.m.:

As a questioner from Dallas TV said in a conference call with the Obama Campaign Friday, "we are getting calls into the station; people are confused. Is there going to be anything else on election night?" You'd think Texans would know by now.
But if you don't, Fowler fills you in to great detail. Also, she predicts "chaos" tomorrow night. And "rule disputes." And fun! --Robert Wilonsky

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