Back to the Future With Bill Clinton

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Brian Harkin
Bill Clinton, campaigning for his Hillary in Grauwyler Park on February 26

More backward-glancing from the national media this a.m.: Just as The Washington Post revisited Barack Obama's visit to Duncanville last week, The Los Angeles Times retraces Bill Clinton's footsteps through the DFW one week ago today. From the story, which, yes, misspells Fort Worth:

At an evening appearance at a park in Forth Worth -- Clinton becomes more animated the later it gets -- he mocked Obama's message: "I didn't get my hands dirty making all those good things happen in the '90s." (In the World According to Bill, there were no sex scandals in the '90s, no political scandals, no bitter partisanship and certainly no impeachment. It was all good.)

The man who was often lampooned as the feelingest president is now counseling voters to disregard their feelings, particularly the kind of wishful sentiments that Obama has inspired among supporters.

Also, while in Dallas, Clinton said he's love to one day see an African American president, a Latino president, an Asian president or a Native American president. And, reports The Times, "By the end of one long day last week, he was adding 'Arab American president' and 'Jewish president' to the list." Oh, Michael Bloomberg. Just kidding. --Robert Wilonsky

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