You’re Kidding, Right?

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One game, and already Richie's proclaiming Kidd and empty jersey -- one you can buy right here, matter o' fact!

Don’t worry, maybe one of the Mavericks will exercise an obscure trade veto, and we can nix this whole Jason Kidd deal before it’s too late. Oh, shit. Wait. We’re stuck? I know, I know. It’s just one game. Too early for those of us who have poo-pooed this trade from the start to gloat. But geez, in his first game back Kidd has twice as many turnovers (six) as field goals (three), and the Mavs look slow and old and totally discombobulated in getting shellacked by the Hornets.

Bright spot? Hmm. Well, if it’s any consolation, Shaq’s debut in Phoenix didn’t go so swell either. --Richie Whitt

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